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Skylar loves her crate

We love this wooden crate- it enhances the room, is good quality and perfect for Skylar!

My Babiess Loveeee It

It’s a beautiful design and well made.
The only thing is took me 3 hrs to put together.

Our Crate-Hating Chihuahua LOVES his house

We made this purchase for our 10-lbs.chihuahua mix who has had bad experiences with crates. He loves this little house (size 1) and he has become much more relaxed since we set it up. This was the fastest furniture build we have ever done. The little house was built and ready in 30 minutes and the directions were easy to follow. I really love that if anything becomes damaged on this crate, I can purchase a replacement for the broken part and not need to purchase a whole new crate. We are hoping to get a second one for our scottish terrier puppy who has been green with envy sooner rather than later. We're just waiting for him to finish growing!


This company is so awesome. They always respond tobmy email quickly and if any issues arise they help to resolve it quickly. Thank you so much for your beautiful product and easy replacement ordering

Gorgeous piece

Love love love the crate. Looks great in the living room as opposed to an ugly wire cage. Goose loves it too! He has tons of room to stand up and move about. The only reason I gave it a 4 was because assembly was more difficult than it should have been. I was missing 2 screws. My husband was able to fill the holes to make them smaller and make a couple other screws fit. The two openings for the plexiglass were off just enough that the pieces didn’t fit. Put one in with a slight bend in it and ended up cracking it. Chiseled out the opening on the other one to avoid having that problem again. The packaging was great. No damage to the pieces. Overall very pleased. I would buy again.

High prices for replacement

While I do love this kennel and find it adorable. It’s not so friendly with your wallet if your good breaks or chews something. Maybe at least get one free replacement with the price we are paying


When we got the crate we were excited once it was almost done it was look beautiful unfortunately one of the rods when tightened broke and the candle holder came broken, I reached out to customer service they answer pretty quick they did send us 4 new rods and 2 extra candles, I love the product beautiful create and great customer service.

Bought this to transition my bed sharing dog to his own bed. She had a really easy transition and loves it! Plus it looks alot nicer and more comfortable than dog cages.

Don’t even think twice - get one!

My dog absolutely LOVES his house! He feels safe and secure in there, and it’s also so cute in our home. Much better than an ordinary crate. We love decorating it for him for the holidays too! The most surprising part is that our other dog, who has hated every kind of crate we have ever tried, loves the WLO house too. It’s such a great addition to our home.

Beautiful crate

This is the second WLO crate I have owned. I upgraded from a sz1 to a 2 for my 16lb dog. She has a long body and needed more space than the 1 allows. I love the look and style of the crate but after more than 6 months of using a wooden crate, she has started to try to “dig” her way out resulting in damage to the wood. I’m not exactly sure what to do to prevent/ stop the behavior. Other than that I love the crate and the way it looks in my house.


It is a very piece, well done and easy to assemble. My only suggestion is to have the option for a memory foam cushion for the inside or sell other type options. My fur baby didn’t like the cushion so I had to improvise as it is very hard to find a puppy bed that fits perfectly.

Replacements for Gabled Crate Series

Wonderful bed for my pup!! Definitely took 2 people to set it up but has been such a blessing. Size 2 was perfect for my 15Ib boy. Plenty of room but not too much.

Exactly What I Was Looking For!

You cannot find this product anywhere else, it’s quite unique… as far as my research. I had my eyes on this for a few months and finally made the purchase. It was easy to build too! The bed is so comfortable and the cover was such a plus. My puppy has already bitten on it but I’m glad that single pieces can be reordered!!

My cat loves it too :)

Natural & Ivory - Gabled Elevated Solid Dog House

Happy client

Excellent product and service. Thank you!

Cover is not waterproof and bed is not washable

So I got this for my puppy, who peed in the crate, and I washed the cover which was fine but realized the pee had soaked through into the stuffing. I tried to wash it and ended up with a wash machine full of fluff and a destroyed pillow.

Perfect Cave!

My dog LOVES her WLO Wood! She’s very anxious and she loves running under the bed but it makes us nervous, and she associates the crate when she is bad, so this is the perfect little cave for her. We got everything black to make it as dark as possible and she happily runs in there all the time!

Replacements for Gabled Crate Series
Bethanny Tarantino-Kelly
Always great

We love our house and bed! The customer service is awesome, kind, and quick!

Replacements for Gabled Crate Series

Came with broken piece

The plastic glass piece arrived broken so I tried to tape it together but was curious if you had replacements

WLO Wood Natural & Ivory

Très bon produit, je suis entièrement satisfaite ainsi que ma petite chienne
Je recommande vivement.

Screws broke off during assembly; haven’t heard back from customer service :(

During assembly several screws broke off in the support poles so that the crate was not able to be completely assembled after 2hrs of work :(

Still waiting to hear back from customer service

I love it

And so does my boy Mylo. Customer service was excellent! We love it!

Love it 😍

The best love the quantity