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No more wired cages!

Let your dog live in style. Many rescue dogs are afraid of wire cages. They have PTSD. This house is cozy and comfortable and takes away from their trama. Expect a few blemishes but overall well made. Fairly easy to put together except for putting the last piece in place. It requires 5 piece to be in just the right spot plus lift one large piece in place. Plan on getting help for that.

Absolutely in love with this dog house!

To say I love this dog house is an understatement!
To start off the assembly was easy enough to do myself, the only part I had a small struggle on was conjoining the front panel with the back/sides. The reason for that was because I started tightening screws before I had everything lined up and in place. Otherwise holes were all pre-drilled so everything was easy to screw together
My dog has bad anxiety which causes her to find places to hide, so I ordered this crate in hopes of creating a better "safe" place for her. She was so excited when she first climbed in and cozied right up. There will be some work needed in order to get her comfortable having the door closed though. My cat even loves laying inside the humble abode. I ordered a size 3 for my 50 lb Pitsky, but even my 84 lb German Shepard would have plenty of room to sprawl out inside.
I love that the house comes with 2 bed covers so I can switch them out during laundry days. Customer service has been great throughout the process. And I love that the website offers replacement parts for everything.
We've had the house for almost a month now and I have yet to have any complaints. I would highly suggest ordering your own WLO house or crate! Heck I would love to order another in the future for my cat to have his own!

We love our WLO Wood

It’s such great quality, easy to build, and looks very pretty! I love how it has little windows so when we close the door the dogs can still see out! We love our WLO Wood house so much! Also very fast shipping.

Best Dog House Ever!

Got my puppy this house as her 1st birthday gift and she absolutely loves it! White, Size 2 for a 18lb westie is quite roomy and the house is so aesthetic! You can also decorate it, would Highly recommend to spoil your pup!


I love the brown tent over my puppy’s beautiful house! I am so glad I found WLO!

Love our new dog bed !!!

It’s so beautiful! My dogs love it so much and get so excited to show everyone that come over their new bed !

Replacement Part

Excellent service and great product. I am really pleased with my order and it’s now the envy of my friends. I love the fact that they offer such a personalized service.


Came in two days


We love our bed so much, my boys are always sleeping in it and so am I hahaha! It is so cute matches perfectly with my house!


Stunningly beautiful, amazing craftsmanship, it’s my new favorite item and the cushion is so soft too, my dog LOVES his new home!!!! Best purchase ever made

Black & Black - Gabled Elevated Solid Dog House
Absolutely perfect

We absolutely love our new WLO dog house. It is so adorable and fits so nicely in the space. We got size 2 for our 27 pound frenchie and he has plenty of room. Highly recommend.

Beauty and quality in a modern dog house!

I am incredibly happy with my gabled modern dog crate in white & gray. All the parts lined up beautifully during assembly and the finished crate looks amazing in my living room. This has become my dog's little sanctuary within our home. Nothing makes me happier than seeing him curled up and enjoying his new crate. I would highly recommend this crate.

My Pup’s Own Man Cave

So happy we got this! My 12 year old pup seriously loves hanging out in his own “Man Cave”! This was easy to assemble and we love the clean lines and gray color we picked which we think goes with any home decor. The clear safe tempered glass makes it nice and bright inside for sun to still shine through. We put it next to the window since my pup loves basking in the morning sun. We got a size 2 which is roomy enough for another pup to share with. I recommend using Small / Med sized blankets for safety esp on small dogs as they tend to dig up a “nest”. Overall, this truly is the cutest doghouse! I can’t wait to decorate it on special occasions and Holidays.

Kobe is Happy

I’m very pleased with this adorable dog house, my dog child Kobe is very comfortable in it and it’s aesthetically pleasing in my apartment. Thank you so much for this beautiful design and speedy delivery!

Frankie’s new home

Very nice dog house. Well constructed and was easy to assemble. Frankie loves it

Love it, plus great customer service

We got the size 2 for our 30 lb cocker spaniel mix; it's very spacious. Aesthetically pleasing, easy to assemble (according to my husband,) with a comfortable mat (I chose an ivory cover in addition to the dark one it comes with.) My dog and I are both very pleased with it. In addition, the customer service was top notch - they communicated (via email) very quickly and clearly each step of the way. It came with smoky panels; I requested clear ones for the front so I can see Bear when I close the doors, but kept the smoky ones in the back, and they sent them to me very quickly.

Your pup needs one of these!

This dog crate is amazing! It’s beautiful. Our Maggie loved it right away. It was easy to assemble and everything lined up perfectly, you can tell it’s well made and sturdy.

Love it

I have a 5lb Yorkie. I wanted him to have plenty of space so I got the Medium. It’s super roomy and he loves it. It only took me 6 months to decide to make this purchase and I’m glad I did. Wasn’t hard to put together. Heavy and sturdy. The instructions were pretty detailed and understanding. Great response time with one small thing I emailed about.

Beautiful home for my dog

Easy to put together and looks good inside our home. Our dog loves it.

Cute! Directions are confusing and needs clear glass.

The directions to put it together are a little confusing but I was able to figure it out. Make sure to peel the plastic off the plastic glass before install. But the glad needs to be clear. Instead it’s a dark color so my dog can’t really see through it so we pretty much keep the door open so he has a sight line when he is in it. Overall it’s very cute!

Yoshi’s Room

We purchased a size 2 crate for my 17lb dog… We absolutely love it. He just walks in and lay down since there’s so much room he don’t hesitate to go into his “room”. Best quality wood. His new crate matches our home esthetics very well! Worth every penny.

Gabled Modern Dog Bed

These dog beds are not only beautiful, but the quality is outstanding! I’m absolutely in love with the modern look, as it truly is a piece of furniture. The bed inside is thick and cozy, and the doors easily open and close when not in use. Highly recommended!

Loved it!

I bought a size 2 for my cocker spaniel puppy. I think it's a little big but he doesn't mind the extra space. I loved the little house, its great quality and very stylish. Would recommend!

Super cool, beautifully crafted dog house!

I think our dog, Tanner, is still trying to make up his mind as to whether or not he actually likes his new house, but we love it! I added a plush blanket to the top of the pillow that came with the dog house, and it looks so warm, comfy and inviting. I can tell that Tanner is slowly starting to adjust to his new house/crate. There is no comparison to the metal crate that we had, which just looked boring and unattractive. The WLO dog house/crate looks awesome in our house, and I know he/we will enjoy it for many years.

Where Did You Get This?!

Everyone keeps asking me where I got Max’s dog house. It’s so cute and goes with my decor much better than a wire crate. And Max loves it! He lays it in while I’m working as I have it in my home office. The shipping was quick and it was relatively easy to put together. It did take about an hour, but I did it by myself. I originally ordered the wrong size and didn’t realize until it was en route, and the customer service was top notch in helping me get it back to them and get the right one. I highly recommend this! Max is a 35 lb Australian Labradoodle and the size 2 is perfect for him.


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