White & Ivory - Gabled Elevated Solid Dog House

$255.20 $319.00

*Dear United States and Canada based WLO Wood Customer,

This product will be shipped directly from our US Warehouse in 2 - 7 business days latest including your personalization.

*Dear European Union and United Kingdom Zone Based WLO Wood Customer,

To minimize the carbon footprint, the orders from European Union (EU) zone will be shipped directly from WLO Wood's main facility in Turkey. The processing time is at most 4 – 5 business days and shipping time at most 2 – 3 business days.

*We are responsible until you handle WLO Wood product, complete the assembly and guarantee that everything is smoothly for your satisfaction!

Thank you for your understanding and supporting us!
WLO Wood

Color Options: White Wood / Ivory Tent & Cushion Cover

Name Board: Included

Front Door: Included

Back Panels: Included

Side Cross Bars: Included

Bottom Wood: Included

Model: Gabled Elevated Solid Series

Usage: Indoor 

Sizes & Breed Weights: 1 (5lbs - 24lbs), 2 (25lbs - 49lbs) , 3 (50lbs - 89lbs) , 4 (90lbs - 149lbs)   Detailed dimensions are shown in third photo

Bottom Weight Capacity: 180lbs. Max.

Jotun® Water Based Stain Wood Wax Options: Walnut / White / Gray / Black / Natural

Additional Cushion Cover Options (Gift) : Ivory, Gray, Black, Navy, Brown, Pink

Replacement / Upgrades: Cushion Cover & Tent, Acrylic Glass replacements are available.

UPC-SKU: Available / Variable

WLO® Wood offers your pets a comfortable bedding space of high comfort standards with the cushion made by non-chemical white silicone balls.
WLO® Wood products are made of natural smooth wood materials. All parts are locked to each other to ensure full stability.
WLO® Wood products are designed as an alternative to metal crates and the product designs are Worldwide patent registered (WIPO-DM208957).
WLO® Wood fits perfectly with home décor thanks to rich color and model options.
WLO® Wood is made of certified anti-allergic fabric materials, which are easy to wash and clean and also contain no harmful chemicals.
WLO® Wood quality and customer satisfaction has been approved with more than 2000 5-star customer reviews. (Please, visit our Etsy Shop - WLO Wood)
WLO® Wood products are under lifetime support spare parts warranty (variable fees may apply).

We are supporting you about product selections under the guidance of our customer service.
Please, contact us! Our response time is in 24 hours latest.

Please, read our Exchange & Returns policy at the end of the listing before purchasing!

Important Notices

WLO wood products do not work exactly as a metal crate. We do not guarantee about prevention of pet escaping attempts.  
The product is sent as disassembled and the instruction can accessed digitally with the QR code in the box.
Product requires assembly. This process usually takes between 20 to 50 minutes (may vary depending on the model).
Order processing times may vary depending on the model and colors.
It is usually shipped within 7 to 14 business days, but this time may vary.
Shipping times are 3 - 7 days worldwide, but may vary depending your location.
WLO wood products are generally not subject to customs inspection, but customs rules of countries vary widely. WLO Wood is not responsible for any extra customs charges that may arise outside of US.
There may be slight color differences due to the wood structure and painting technique. WLO wood cannot be held responsible for this situation.
WLO wood applies the exchange and return policy that has been determined and announced to ensure the satisfaction. Customers cannot be held responsible for any disputes that may arise from this.


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Crystal Lockman
Quick warning: assembly is not for the fai...

Quick warning: assembly is not for the faint of heart! There is no pre-assembly and most of the pieces were stuck together due to the heat. Once I managed to pry everything apart, assembly was pretty smooth, albeit time consuming. All of that being said, I am so happy with the finished product! It is well constructed and beautiful. My dog loves it too, which is the most important part!

Evelyn Boyle
Delivery was quick and checkout process wa...

Delivery was quick and checkout process was simple. Instructions to build the bed were clear enough but some pieces didn't fit seamlessly and needed a bit of force to fit. I found a few pieces with chips and exposed wood from paint coming off which isn't what you'd expect with the price.

Amy Collier
The material does not match and directions...

The material does not match and directions are not listed on the list of instructions from QR code

Hello Amy,

We saw your comment and we are very sorry. Our products are sent to the customer after repeated checks and are located next to the house in the instructions. All products have instructions manuals on our site. To minimize paper consumption, we do not ship as catalogs.
If you need any further information, you can always contact with us.

Best Regards,
WLO Wood
Customer Support

Linda Koepp
Very cute, arrived quick, quality is nice....

Very cute, arrived quick, quality is nice. A little difficult to put together but it's eactly what I was looking for.

Luz Hodkiewicz
So happy I ordered this bed for my 4 pups....

So happy I ordered this bed for my 4 pups. I received the product without instructions but I emailed the seller and they responded right away.

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