White & Gray - Pueblo Modern Dog Crate

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Color Option: White Wood / Ivory Cushion Cover
Name Board: Included
Bottom Wood: Standard
Top Wood: Included
Model: Pueblo Elevated Series
Usage: Indoor
Sizes & Breed Weights: 1 (5lbs - 24lbs), 2 (25lbs - 49lbs) , 3 (50lbs - 89lbs) , 4 (90lbs - 149lbs)
Detailed dimensions are shown in third photo
Bottom Weight Capacity: 180lbs Max.
Jotun® Water Based Stain Wood Wax Options: Walnut / White / Gray / Black / Green
Additional Cushion Cover Options (Gift) : Ivory, Gray, Black, Navy, Brown, Pink
Replacement / Upgrades: Cushion Cover & Tent, Acrylic Glass replacements are available.
UPC-SKU: Available / Variable

WLO®️ Wood dog houses offer your pets a comfortable bedding space of high comfort standards with a cushion made of non-chemical white silicone balls.
WLO®️ Wood products are dog crate furnitures which made of natural smooth wood materials. All parts are interlocked to ensure full stability.
WLO®️ Wood products are designed as an alternative to metal crates and product designs are patent registered worldwide. (WIPO-DM212724).
WLO®️ Wood indoor dog houses fit perfectly into home decor thanks to their rich color and model options.
WLO®️ Wood dog beds are made of certified anti-allergic fabric materials which are easy to wash and clean. No harmful chemicals are used.
WLO®️ Wood quality and customer satisfaction has been approved by more than 3000 5-star customer reviews. (Please visit our Etsy Shop: WLO Wood)
WLO®️ Wood products are under warranty for lifetime support and spare parts (variable fees may apply).

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Please contact us! Our response time is 24 hours.

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Important Notices

Please, see our FAQ page before your order is placed.
WLO Wood products do not exactly work like a metal crate. We do not guarantee that pet escape attempts are prevented.
The product is sent disassembled and the instruction can be accessed digitally with the QR code in the box.
Product requires assembly that usually takes between 20 and 50 minutes (it may vary depending on the model).
Order processing times may vary depending on the model and colors.
Arriving time is between 3 - 7 days worldwide by ground or air cargo, but may vary depending on your location.
WLO Wood products are generally not subjected to customs inspection, but customs rules of countries vary widely.
WLO Wood is not responsible for any extra customs fees incurred outside of the USA.
There may be slight color differences due to the wood structure and painting technique. WLO Wood cannot be held responsible for this.
WLO Wood applies the exchange and return policy that has been determined and announced to ensure the satisfaction. Customers cannot be held responsible for any disputes that may arise from this.

Exchanges & Returns

WLO®️ Wood has a solution-oriented customer service structure.
Our house rules are predetermined in such situations.
We work hard to satisfy our customers as can be seen from our reviews.
We are eager to offer the best solution in line with our possibilities and strength.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Beautiful crate

This is the second WLO crate I have owned. I upgraded from a sz1 to a 2 for my 16lb dog. She has a long body and needed more space than the 1 allows. I love the look and style of the crate but after more than 6 months of using a wooden crate, she has started to try to “dig” her way out resulting in damage to the wood. I’m not exactly sure what to do to prevent/ stop the behavior. Other than that I love the crate and the way it looks in my house.

Yingling Pan

White & Gray - Pueblo Modern Dog Crate

Love it!

We got our new puppy this crate. It came and it is absolutely beautiful. I wanted something that matched the decor in my house and this crate delivers for sure.

It is sturdy crate. Puppy was able to get out of it but I believe because she was so small at the time. I do believe now she’s older she wouldn’t be able to get your the way she did the first time.
She will go in it to sleep on her own with the door open she is very comfortable in her new crate. My older pup will sometimes go in for a quick nap also!

It is easiest to put together with 2 people as it is large and you need the extra hands. It can be put together by 1 person but 2 is easier. The small screws are very hard to get put in straight so you need to take the extra time with them to make sure. Probably the longest part of putting the crate together

Alina Obruchnikova
My new puppy got used to his luxury home quick!

Got my miniature goldendoodle puppy a size 2 crate as he will grow a little bit, and it took him less than one week to get fully comfortable in his crate. Also it fits our room’s design theme, and it was fairly easy to put together. Definitely love the name tag! A very happy customer :)

Daphne Brown
Luke Loves it!

Very happy with my purchase. The delivery company damaged some parts and WLO was awesome with remedying the situation. My Luke instantly climbed in and fell asleep. Size 3 for a 70 lb Labrador. He’s in love with his new digs.

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